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Who We Are

Our Beliefs

We Believe:

  • That the Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God.

  • That the love of Jesus is for everyone.

  • In the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and The Holy Spirit

  • In the baptism of the Holy spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues as referenced in Acts chapter 2.

  • Devine healing 

  • That Jesus is God's one and only son. It is through Jesus that we find the only path to salvation to gain Heaven. 

  • In the rapture. That the dead in Christ shall rise first and those that remain will be called up to meet him.

  • Baptism in full submersion of water.


To passionately pursue God's presence. For our foundation to be built on the Word of God. We want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and loved. Our goal is to be a Kingdom minded church being the real hands and feet of Jesus!

Our Mission

Growing the kingdom by the guidance of The Holy Spirit




Gathering together, serving together, growing together, and worshiping together.



Creating an atmosphere of worship where the Holy Spirit can flow freely.



Teaching the next generation how to study the word, grow in their salvation, and follow their calling.



Reaching outside the 4 walls. Through evangelism, outreach, and meeting needs of those in need.

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