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Becoming A City-Transforming Church in Concord, NC.

An overhead picture of Remedy Church in Concord, NC.

Almost 4 years ago (March 6th, 2016), my wife Meghan and I came to be the Pastors of Remedy. We had hope in our eyes and urgency in our spirits. We saw the potential of what this local church could be.

Four years later, we're here and so is an awesome community of believers that are buying into a vision that will turn Remedy Church into a city-transforming church in Concord, NC. We love our city. We want to see Jesus, high and lifted up. That doesn't happen without radical buy-in. There's a lot of work to still be done, but I've got to just stop here and say how beautiful the things that God has already done and is working in, are.

We've seen handfuls after handfuls of people come in and experience real love through new life in Jesus. Whether that means they've began a relationship with Jesus or they've experienced that love through the relationship with Jesus that each of us have at Remedy Church.

Not only have we seen people begin relationships with Jesus and their lives transform, we've also gotten our hands dirty, doing the transformational work of reaching out into the city through the school system. We've partnered with multiple churches to see around 200 students receive holiday assistance over the past two years. We've been able to feed 50+ families during the Thanksgiving holidays. We've supplied school supplies for students needing assistance as well.

All of that to say that God is really doing a work in us and we believe through us.

God Created You With Purpose

God has great purpose for every person. If you're reading this right now and you feel lost and without hope – please know that you have purpose. God created you with it.

With that being said, Remedy Church has a lot of wonderful things going on and the size of our mission and vision, what we see, takes a lot of work and provision. You can help in several ways. If you're a part of Remedy and you're wondering how to get involved, or if you're a newcomer to Remedy, maybe even someone watching from afar, I want to give you a few ways you can begin to contribute:

GIVE: You can give directly to the mission and vision of Remedy Church here.

By giving, you're forwarding the Kingdom as we pursue the people that need Jesus the most.

SERVE: When you serve, more people are reached and the pace we can run increases. Sign up to Serve by texting the Keyword, "SERVE" to (704)706-2877

PRAY: Every Thursday night, we have Prayer from 6:30-7:30. Join us!

It's also important to keep up a regular prayer life. When we pray...God meets us!

Thanks for contributing to the Mission and Vision of this house that is striving to become a church that is a city-transforming church in Concord, NC!

- Pastor Cody

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