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You can help our church get noticed by writing a positive review. When you write a review, it tells others about God's work in our church. You can add photos and be specific about the things you enjoy at Remedy Church. 

Want to make a big impact? Copy/paste your review onto as many platforms as possible! Here are a couple of examples of good reviews people have left for our church already!

"This is a Phenomenal Church, they Love People and Love God and it is evident. Powerful Worship and time of Prayer in the Alter, if you are near this church, you have to check it out, you will be blessed!!!"

"I have never been in a church where I felt the presence of God so strongly as I do when I walk through the doors of Remedy. The people are so loving and caring and welcoming and you hear the word of God. But it is different. It is the word of God but the way the Pastor talks you just understand and can relate. It really makes you think. And when they say they want to pray with you, they mean it. No one says that just to say it. They mean it. I have learned so much about not only myself, but God since going to Remedy. I love this church, I love the people, and I love the Pastors. It's home."

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